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released April 15, 2013



all rights reserved



Female rock band in Nagoya Japan.
Noriyo(G.Vo.) Reina(B.Vo.) Yoshiko(Dr.)

mail crunch@live.jp

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Track Name: Mori no Naka
I faced a little cat in unfinished Labyrinth.
Crouch down, waiting for All Things Must Pass.
I repeated to Go and Come back. It sounds far away.
No one can trace The Way to go home.
No Relation....Repeating.... Steps.... Crowd....
Pass each other.... Continue.... Then....
The sun is still expanding, shining, urges asphalt to melt softly.
In a forest, it rains and shinning, I clap hands and sing a song.
Now everything passed, Only wind with me.
When I got tired after long wait. Fate gifts me.
When I see you smile, I know God is here.
Letters pile up but no one read.
I continue hitting a weak creature. The touch does not fade away
The scenery I used to see suddenly turn to feel sick.
Here is the place that was promised.
floating.... vanishing.... shaking.... I turn on the light of the candle.
Faded memory.... Light up eyes.
They are still looking for in a far away country. BLUE BIRD fly away just now.
I give a wish to a star and choose one flower.
Let's have it in a cradle quietly.
I couldn't know Long shade of me at twilight time, when I was a child.
I can’t stop dreaming how I become alone.

森の中(Mori no Naka)

未完成の迷路の中 迷い込んだ子猫と目が合って
じっと体を丸めた 全てが過ぎていくのを待ってる
行きつ戻りつ繰り返し はるか遠くの音を聴く
帰り道は 誰にもたどれない
無関係な (くり返される) 足並が (人波の中) 
すれ違って行く (続いていく) その時は
ふくらみ続ける大きな太陽 アスファルトをやさしく溶かす

銀の雨降る森の中 手を叩いてうたう歌
何もかも忘れた今も 寄りそうように吹く風
やがて待ちくたびれた頃 運命から届くもの
あぁそうやって笑うから まるで神様みたい

誰にも読まれないまま ひたすらに積み上げていく手紙
無抵抗な生き物を たたき続ける感触が消えない
見慣れたはずの景色が やけにグロテスクに見えれば

浮かんでは(消え)(ゆれる) ろうそくの(灯を)(ともす)
色あせた(記憶)(ひとつ) うつろう(瞳)(照らす) 
地球の裏側でまだ探し中 青い鳥が今飛び立つよ


星に願いをささげ 一輪の花を選ぶ
ゆりかごの中にそっと 忍ばせよう
子どもの時分じゃ見えない 夕暮れ時長い影
どんなにかひとりになったって 望まずにはいられない

Track Name: UTAKATA
Utakata (is old Japanese word. means‘disappear like a bubble in the water’ )

Tell me simple story.
Today fine blue sky, I will leave for
Trains can't return.
Something is overflow and push me to ride.

Light to spread. I trace it with eyes
I keep on gliding in the long tunnel

Soon We can remember all things (Soft blue color far away & separate)
Come loose and remind (But we know we are connected)
Tender love song(Wonder world that we can meet)
We remember we were there (like flower petal dancing)
Like velvet touch of flowers

I feel as yesterday's dream continues
Always by given ache
A little my face warped

I am going to run by the river
Surface of the river is deep and strange
Green color, I listen carefully

When my heart is beating
The opening comes

Soon We can remember all things (Soft blue color far away)
Come loose and remind (Someone call me so)
Tender love song (Fragile world that we can meet)

We remember that we are there (disappear Like UTAKATA )
We promise important thing.

I remember all I remind all
I can't lie but I forgot to tell something

ウタカタ(UTAKATA )

他愛もない 物語聞かせて
よく晴れた青い空 旅に出るの
走り出した 列車戻れないけど

流れる光 目でたどりながら
長いトンネルを すべりぬけて

あと少し 何もかも 思い出せそうで(柔らかな青 離れても遠く)
ほどけるように 呼び覚ます(繋がってるの わかるから)            
優しいラブソング(不思議な世界 出会えたこと全部)

何もかも忘れてない 私が居る不思議(花びらが 踊るよう)
ベルベットみたいな 花びらの感触

手渡された 痛みにいつも
少しだけ 顔をしかめながら

Ah 川沿いを走るんだ
緑色 耳澄ます

この胸が高鳴るときは はじまりが呼ぶからだ
あと少し 何もかも 思い出せそうで(柔らかな青 離れても遠く)
ほどけるように 呼び覚ます(呼ぶ声はそう聞こえるから)
優しいラブソング(不思議な世界 夢のような)

何もかも忘れてない 私が居る不思議(うたかたのように消えていく)

何もかも 忘れてない 
何もかも 呼び覚ます
Track Name: Snow Light
Snow light
In twilight, Gentle wind blows in crowds.
I remember you.
I wanna keep one thing, but I can't do anymore.
When my tears drop, Stay with me.

I am holding it carefully,
Why falling down?

You are crying with heart aching (Vogue reason. Simple answer.)
Because it is Important for you (In silent night sky, You see next of the story seen last night)
But the LIGHT is only for you. Just catch!!

At street corner, sight becomes dim, and I can't walk
I call your name quietly.
There is many thought lost sometime.
Then I will take all in this moment.

You shouldn't say anything, if you patch up and cheat.

However sad door you choice, I'll be with you. (Lonely freedom never end)
‘To go far away' You laughed and be there.(I sing the song forgotten)

Suddenly sorrow comes inevitably.
It's OK to cry, but I want you to smile someday.

What you lost warms somebody someday.(Lonely freedom never end)
‘To go far away' You look forward and be there.(I sing the song forgotten)

Snow Light
夕闇 優しい風が雑踏の中に吹いた
 一つを、だなんてのは それじゃもういられないから


 その胸痛くて泣くのは (あいまいな理由も 単純な答えも)
 欠けても白くもなくても ( 押し黙る夜空に ゆうべ観た続きを)
 それはあなただけの光なの 掴んで


 選んだ扉がどんなに ( あてどもなく続く 心細い自由)
 遠くへ行くためだからと ( 忘れたはずの歌を また口ずさむよに)
 そう笑っていたあなたがいた いた

 突然 哀しみはどうしようもなくやって来るから
 その時は 素直に泣いて思い出して私を
 そして 笑って

 あなたが落とした何かが ( あてどもなく続く 心細い自由)
 遠くへ行くためだからと( 忘れたはずの歌を また口ずさむよに)
 前だけ向いていたあなたがいた いた